Dental Implant Cost in Vancouver.

A common question that is frequently asked when it comes to placing dental implants is how much each dental implant costs. The answer is simply ” it depends” .

Generally speaking the cost of dental Implant in Vancouver can range from $1800 – $2200 depending on the brand of dental Implant used and and the amount of experience of the dentist who places the dental implant. On average, an experienced dentist / surgeon may charge 10% more compare to those who just starting to offer dental implant treatments. One may compare it to hire an accountant to do taxes. Do they charge the same rate? Absolutely not. the more experienced one may charge you more compare to the seasonal accountants who just work during the tax season.

The Implant brand is another factor when it comes to the cost. While almost all dental implants share the same features among the industry with almost same quality, your dentist or oral surgeon may recommend one over the other based on many factors such as amount of bone, the size of implant needed , location of nerve, etc. the cost of dental implant varies from one companies to the other which effect on the cost charged by dentist when placing dental implant.

Now, is that all the cost you need to know about dental implant? Not really!. Once the dental implant placed and bone healed around it, you need the top part such as single crown, dental bridge, or removable denture on the top which is not part of the dental implant cost. A connector is also needed to connect dental implant to the tooth /teeth at additional cost.

The other parameter that may effect on the over all cost of dental implant is that whether you have enough bone to support the implant. Having a successful results when placing dental implants demands a solid ground , in this case jaw bone, to hold implant in place. If there is not enough bone, then bone grafting procedure to build the bone is required which would add to the total cost of dental implant placement.

Dental Implants, Does It Worth the Cost?

There are many advantages to replace missing teeth with dental implants. When you lose a tooth, the bone starts to shrink as there is no more chewing load to the bone. Dental implants send impulses to the bone and preventing the bone shrinkage. They bring the chewing power back to normal and allowing enjoying your food with better food digestion. Dental implants prevent moving of neighbouring teeth as well as opposing tooth to the missing tooth spot.

When it comes to the cost of dental implants, they are not coming at low cost however considering their long run improvement the make in some one’s life, it make the cost of dental implant well worth it.

How About Discounted Cost Dental Implants?

You may find some flyers or ads on internet or social media offering discounted dental implants, special rate dental implants or dental implant promotions.

One should be careful when it comes to human body, you should seek to find an experienced dentist to place dental implants which last for many years rather than looking to save few hundreds of dollars when it comes to your health. Always remember that quality is not usually coming with the low cost.

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