Teeth Checkup and Cleaning

Looking for a dentist for checkup and teeth cleaning in Vancouver? Our dental office in Yaletown, downtown Vancouver is accepting new patients for teeth check up by dentist and teeth cleaning by our dental hygienist. Cavities and unhealthy gum can result in future tooth loss. A visit to dentist can prevent this and other complications, saving you a healthy smile and money.

Using Ultra Sonic machine provide a more effective and comfortable teeth cleaning experience. Ultra Sonic cleans teeth and remove heavy particles by vibration and power of water. This will followed by a gentle detailed cleaning between the teeth by hand instruments. Polishing and application of Fluoride treatment at the end will complete and provide a natural shine to your teeth.

The procedures are safe for your enamel and provide a healthy environment for your gum. It is routine to do teeth cleaning every 6 months however for some with gum problem it would be recommended every 3 months.

We are equipped with digital X-ray, a safer way to diagnose carries, infections or tumors.