Sport Guard

To protect teeth, Sport Mouth Guards are required to be worn all the times during sports. They are custom made , comfortable and easy to use.

Sports mouth guards are custom-made to fit your individual sport needs. They are providing protection that will not slip out of place in heavy contact. Sports-Flex are comfortable, do not impede breathing and allow you to talk normally.

Each Sports Guard is constructed with multiple layers of specially strengthened material. An extra brace of hardened plastic built into each mouth guard deflects forces away from the high risk upper front teeth.


• It has been estimated that millions of teeth are lost annually across North America during athletic activities.
• A single lost tooth can cost thousands of dollars.
• The types of blows responsible for lost teeth may also cause concussions, neck injuries and jaw fractures.
• Tooth and mouth injuries can occur at any age: child, teenager or adult.
• There are no “safe” sports or athletic activities. While the potential for heavy contact is not the same in all sports, this does not mean that the possibility of tooth loss or serious injury is eliminated.
• A mouth guard should be worn during participation in sports or any activity where contact can be made or a fall could occur.