Emergency Dentist in Vancouver- Yaletown Dental

Dental Emergency in Vancouver? Tooth Pain? Broken tooth? ABAN Yaletown Dental has emergency dentist in downtown Vancouver and is ready to deal with dental emergencies within the same business day. Call our dental emergency line and our dental office in downtown

Vancouver will take care of you as soon as possible. Our dentist can handle variety of dental emergency issues.

No matter if you are our existing patient or just need to deal with your urgent dental issue when you do not have access to your dentist, we accommodate you.

The most common dental emergency situations are;


Severe tooth pain that can not be controlled by over the counter pain killers can be caused by nerve irritation, cavities, infections or abscess. Toothache is considered an emergency that is not only makes it unbearable but also can be a sign of ongoing problem. In most cases, using pain killer is not alleviate the pain and visit to a dentist is the only way to irradiate the source of pain.


Accidents can result in jaw or tooth fracture,loose tooth, chipped tooth or knocked out teeth. Sharp edges and pain are very common in these cases. Trauma happens mostly after car or sport accidents. The emergency dental treatment can range from immobilisation of loose tooth to replacement of missing tooth with dental Implant in the same day.

Wisdom tooth pain

Wisdom teeth can cause pain specially between age 18-26 since they are erupting in to the mouth. Wisdom teeth can put pressure and push other teeth or getting trapped behind the last molar causing frequent pain, inflammation and infection.

Looking for a dentist in Vancouver to remove wisdom teeth? at ABAN Yaletown Dental, we do all type of wisdom teeth extraction and removal which can be done on the same day.

Lost or broken filling, crown, bridge or denture

In case of losing fillings, crowns or bridges, teeth may become sensitive and exposed edges may have sharp edges causing irritation to tongue or cheek. It is important to fix the problem by replacing the lost restoration.

Broken or lost dentures needed to be replaced or repaired to bring back the function and aesthetic to the patient.

Uncontrolled bleeding

Excessive bleeding is happening following trauma or after dental and oral surgeries like bleeding after gum surgery or wisdom tooth removal. It is important to manage the bleeding in mouth as soon as possible by applying pressure or having stitches places to stop bleeding.


This is an acute infection around the root of teeth or within the gum as a result of bacterial infection. It can cause severe pain and inflammation and in sever cases can be life threatening. Immediate attention and treatment is necessary.

Severe swelling in mouth, face or neck

Swelling may be an indication of infection and inflammation and needed to be dealt with at early stages. In case of swelling around wisdom teeth, pain and even obstruction of air way can happen which can be life threatening.

Knocked out teeth

In case of knocked out tooth after trauma to the face, keep the tooth in a milk container to preserve it and contact ABAN Yaletown Dental to make an appointment as soon as possible. The chance of rejection after replacing and splinting the knocked out tooth increases significantly for each hour you wait.

Injury to gum  and tongue

Injury to the gum or cheek is not very common however it be a result of accident or biting on tongue.

Dislocated jaw

For people with TMJ problem , jaw dislocation or jaw lock can be a horrific event. The jaw will be locked in forward position mostly after big opening of mouth like yawning. In of dental office in downtown Vancouver, Our emergency dentist is trained to relocate the locked jaw in a matter of minute.

Give us a call as soon as an emergency situation arises.

If you are facing a life threatening situation like breathing difficulty or non-stop excessive bleeding, call 911.