Dental Implant

Replacing missing tooth? Recently extracted or pulled a tooth which was not savable? We are the Vancouver dentist in Yaletown who offers dental implant treatment to replace missing teeth.

Dental Implant is a great alternative to replace ill-fitting dentures or missing teeth. These are like artificial roots for a comfortable function and aesthetic. Implants are placed by experienced dentist in our dental office.


At ABAN Yaletown Dental, Implant placement is a very smooth operation with no or minimum discomfort during or after surgery.

Dental implants are secured anchors to support dentures and crowns. These are titanium screws which are placed in the jaw bone. Once the bone heals around dental implant, they work as artificial roots to support a single crown or multiple fixed crowns. They look natural and they are as stable as natural teeth.

For people with false teeth, implants create more stability and retention for dentures which in turn facilitate better chewing and speech. Implants can also support single crowns when having bridges is not possible or it is not conservative to get bridges. Vancouver Implant offers dental implants in Yaletown