Laser Dentistry

Laser offered in our Vancouver Dental Office  is safe and requires no or minimum amount of injection. In most cases we can use it for minimal surgical operations without having any injection. The healing process is faster and the amount of discomfort following operation is reduced significantly.Laser can be used for patients who have anxiety about dental treatment as it is pain free and conservative.

Laser Advantages

There are many advantages to use laser in dentistry such as ;

  • No discomfort during and after treatment
  • No bleeding during application of laser.
  • faster healing after laser treatment
  • Laser can disinfect as it cut through the tissue

In general, laser dental treatment is safer option with more comfort.

Laser Dentistry Indications

There are many indication in using laser in dentistry such as;

  • Treatment of canker sore
  • Laser tissue cutting in surgeries
  • Laser role to control bleeding
  • Laser teeth whitening
  • cosmetic gum reshaping
  • removal of enlarged tissues and gum using laser dentistry

Laser can be used during cosmetic operations or oral surgery or to reshape the gum with minimum invasion.