Teeth Whitening

Take advantage of either take home kit or Zoom in office ONE hour whitening system by Vancouver dentist in Yaletown. Have whiter teeth before that next special event whether it is a date or an important business meeting.

Zoom advanced in office whitening is one the fastest and most effective way to whiten your teeth..

For the best results, we have included all of followings in Zoom Whitening package;

  • 3 APPLICATIONS of the whitening gel.
  • Application of barriers.
  • Use of Zoom Advanced Power high beam light.
  • Teeth Polishing for better effect of whitening product on your teeth.
  • Before and after shade measurement to give you the exact amount of changes in shade.
  • Use of desensetizer if required.

This strong whitening system activated by high beam light and supervised by dentist can get that white smile you always dream in one hour in the office. Procedure is safe and there would be no need for using conventional bleaching trays for a long period of time afterward.

If you plan to attend a wedding, looking forward for an important business meeting or simply want whiter teeth in an instance, call us today to schedule for Zoom consultation..

Bridal Teeth Whitening Special

Getting ready for your special day? Want to have a beautiful smile on your wedding day? We offer 50% discount for the bride in office Zoom teeth whitening when you book teeth whitening for bride, groom and at lease four of bride maids or best men. Bride maids and best men also receive 20% off the cost of Zoom in office whitening. Book your group today!