Instruction and after care following your root canal treatment appointment

The information provided here is general information in which some parts may not apply in your case. This information is not replacing the specific information provided to you prior, during and after your dental procedure.

  • should you received dental anesthetic so called numbing or freezing, please do not eat food or drink hot beverages until your sensation is completely back to normal, on average for 2-3 hours. Only cold liquids such as water, milk, shake, ice coffee and yogurt are allowed during this period. This is to avoid chewing or burning your lip, cheek or tongue while you still feel the numbness.
  • You may still feel some pain or tenderness after Root Canal Treatment for the next few days. This is normal and should start to get better day by day. Please take Advil or Tylenol ( if you do not have allergy to these medications) or follow the instruction given at your treatment session depending on having allergy to pain killer medications or nature of pain.
  • You receive a temporary filling to cover the access for Root Canal Treatment for the time being until you receive your final filling or crown within one month of your Root Canal Treatment. Please be advised that this is a temporary measure and needed to be preserved. The temporary filling on average lasts for 3-4 weeks before start to fail causing leakage. Meanwhile, please use the opposite side for chewing and do not brush or floss around temporary filling. Should you lose the temporary filling, the bacteria can contaminate your Root Canal Treatment which my require redoing Root Canal Treatment at additional cost. It is important to replace temporary filling with final filling / crown within one month of you Root Canal Treatment.
  • Root Canal Treated teeth get dried over time due to losing blood supply. They are more brittle and fragile and can break. Placement of crown to cover and protect tooth structure is highly recommended to avoid crack or fracture. Should the tooth break toward the root, it can not be restored and needed to be removed.

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