Instruction and after care following your crown or bridge appointment

The information provided here is general information in which some parts may not apply in your case. This information is not replacing the specific information provided to you prior, during and after your dental procedure.

  • should you received dental anesthetic so called numbing or freezing, please do not eat food or drink hot beverages until your sensation is completely back to normal, on average for 2-3 hours. Only cold liquids such as water, milk, shake, ice coffee and yogurt are allowed during this period. This is to avoid chewing or burning your lip, cheek or tongue while you still feel the numbness.
  • Depending on the extension of cavity and depth of the filling under crown or bridge, you may experience some sensitivities due to the irritation to the nerve during operation mostly cold sensitivity. This is normal and should be subsidize between 2-14 days. We routinely use desensetizer before filling placement under the crown to reduce the discomfort. Should you feel the sensitivity lasts longer than 14 days or getting worse please let us know to check for nerve inflammation.
  • We check and adjust the crown or bridge height to make sure it is even with other teeth. In some cases, due to numbness, you may not bite normally in order to detect all high spots. Please do not adapt to any high spot on your new crown or bridge and let us know if you feel any once you feel no numbness and able to bite normally. We can adjust any high spot very quickly when you are not numb.
  • Please use the opposite side for chewing and do not floss or brush around new crow or bridge until next morning to avoid disturbing the cement used to glue your crown or bridge. You can eat, brush and floss normally starting the next morning.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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