Root Coverage Gum Grafting Guideline and Consent

Root coverage gum grafting surgery is a procedure where there is gum recession resulting in exposure of root(s) due to factors such as heavy brushing , grinding or tooth positioning. Gum recession and root exposure can cause sensitivity, increased chance of root cavity or in severe cases tooth loss.

This procedure is potentially dealing with covering the exposed root(s) fully or partially. The recession may re-occur fully or partially depending on size of recession and whether factors such as heavy brushing or grinding has been stopped.

While we offer the best possible treatment, some complications may arise during or after operation. These are including but not limited to: inflammation, discomfort, infection, bleeding, nerves or blood vessel damages, and healing variation at donor site. You are required to take antibiotic(s) and in some cases, pain killer(s) following the operation.

The procedure requires incision, suturing, placement of dressing and tissue removal either from adjacent to the exposed root or from other sites such as ceiling of your mouth or the human donor tissue from tissue bank. We will advise you of which type would fit the best for your specific case.

You should advise us about any history of health issues, medication use, allergy and/or intolerance to any antibiotic. Diarrhea, upset stomach and change in normal flora of digestive system are common when taking some antibiotics. In such cases, contact us or your family doctor immediately. Taking pro-biotic yogurt in case of taking antibiotic is recommended. Some antibiotics may also interfere with the effect of oral contraceptive pills.

To reduce the post operative problems patients should follow these instructions;

• Do not touch or brush / floss on or around the operation site / dressing / sutures for 6 weeks following operation. Starting next morning, to maintain the hygiene, rinse every couple of hours with salty water.

• No brushing, rinsing, spitting, or using a straw following the surgery until the next morning. Starting on day 2, you can brush your teeth normally but do not brush surgical site or around the sutures / dressing for 6 weeks.

• Avoid any pressure or tension to the operation site and avoid any physical contact for the first month. This includes avoiding leaning your head during sleep to the operation side.

• Do not take Aspirin products – They are blood thinners and will induce bleeding. Please use Advil or Tylenol only.

• No physical activities or exercise for 7 days. Please rest.
• Stay in cool / shaded area and avoid sun for the first 48 hours.

• Hot, spicy food and drinks should be avoided for the first 48 hours. Any cold foods or drinks are good.

• Do not smoke or drink alcohol for 48 hours or until you finish your antibiotic.

I have read the above, and am aware of the possible complications/risk factors related to root coverage gum grafting surgery. I understand that there is no warranty or guarantee as to any result. I am aware that the success rate is depending on many factors including but not limited to: existence of heavy bite (grinding), heavy brushing, or natural gum response to the grafted tissue and/or ability to keep the sutures. I understand that the end results may vary from full graft attachment to partial shrinkage or full rejection of graft. I am further advised that I can get additional explanations of risks before or during the progress of my treatment merely by asking. I am hereby consenting to the above procedure.