Before & After Dental Photos – Vancouver Yaletown Dentist

See the difference. Look at some of before and after photos of dental treatments and smile improvements we did in our Yaletown Dental office in downtown Vancouver from Veneers to teeth whitening or gum surgery. Having artistic view with a gentle touch allows us to provide you the best in cosmetic dentistry in Yaletown.

Here are just a few examples;

Improve the shape and color of your teeth in one week. This is a quick way to attain extreme smile makeover in a short period of time

Also called “Cap”. This can cover your teeth to prevent fracture of tooth or fillings due to extensive cavities. Teeth with root canal treatment are getting more brittle and can benefit from crown to protect them.

White Fillings
Due to bonding property and great color match, white fillings are commonly used as filling material of choices. They provide natural beautiful look for teeth with cavities.

Bridges and Dentures
For People who have lost their teeth, Bridges and Dentures can bring back the function and aesthetic allowing them to chew, talk and confidence by improving their smile.

Zoom Whitening
Get whiter teeth up to 8 shades in one hour. One of the strongest and fastest ways of getting whiter teeth. The transformation is an instant.

Gummy Smile
Cosmetic correction of Gummy Smile using laser, surgical and restorative techniques. The result can be achieved with in one hour creating a significant change in smile make over