ABAN Yaletown Dental Testimonial

At ABAN Yaletown Dental in downtown Vancouver, we would like to make sure our patients receive the best dental treatment and services no matter if it is a dental procedure done by dentist and dental assistant, a teeth cleaning done by dental hygienist or it is an administrative task done by our dental receptionist.


“They did an implant for me to replace a tooth I lost few years ago. It was absolutly without any pain and I could go back to work the next day. The tooth they replaced for me is looking so good it is hard to say it is a fake one! ”

“I was refered by my dentist to them ( ABAN Dental Centre) to remove all of my four wisdom teeth. I was so scared but it was not painful at all and I didn”t feel any pain the next day. They are so gentle, I highly recommend them. ”
– Andrea

“They straighten my teeth with Invisalign technology. It was so exciting as they show my teeth movement on their computer before they start treatment. My teeth look so nice now, they definitly meet my expectations. ”
– John

“I took my 8 year old son to them. He was scared of dentist but they know how to deal with kids and they filled his cavities. My son likes them and he only wants to see Dr. Khorshid for any dental appointment. ”
– Herbert

“I had a cyst in my jaw. Dr. Khorshid did a surgery to remove it. I did not feel a thing. I highly recommend him. ”
– Maryam

“Dr. Korshid is one of the gentlest dentists I have ever had. I am the kind of person who does not really look forward to a dental appointment every 6 months, but I can truly say this office was different. The friendly caring staff at ABAN Dental has helped me feel more comfortable in the dentist’s chair.”
– Gloria

“I went to Dr Korshid to get some white fillings and I couldn’t believe how fast and easy it was. The color matches my natural teeth perfectly!”
– Ana

“I had a toothache that was killing me. I called Aban Dental and Kirsten was able to book a last minute appointment for me. I ended up needing a root canal. It was pain free and I should say . it was great! I felt no pain and would recommend Dr Korshid to my friends.”
– Collin

“You may recall we were on holiday and you treated my daughter late in the evening. This is just a quick note to thank you and your colleague for your time and expertise that evening. Thanks to you she’s feeling much better now.”
– Patrick

“I like Aban dental for their friendly and efficient service. I have never had to sit in the waiting room…I have always been served on time. I love the lively colors in the décor and the massage mat.

“Aban dental is conveniently located near my work. I have no trouble booking an appointment during my lunch break. It is fast, friendly, and convenient”.
– Dale