Gummy Smile

Our cosmetic dentist in Vancouver performs variety of cosmetic procedures to improve gummy smile. For those who show lots of gum when smiling, this can have a negative effect on aesthetic and the desire to cover when smiling. There are variety of treatment options that can deal with gummy smile.

Reason for Gummy Smile

There are many reasons for Gummy Smile to happen.

  • Tooth Size: if you have a small / short teeth, that translate to having more gum showing when smiling.
  • Teeth Position:  Lower teeth position results in lower gum level
  • High Lip Line: Level of upper lip is another reason for showing too much gum
  • Jaw Position: Position of jaw can place gums in more visible place
  • Over Size Gum: Large size gum can result to gummy smile situation.

Our dentist in Vancouver can provide you the reason and treatment options after your consultation visit.

Ways to Correct Gummy Smile

Depending on the reason for gummy smile, Our Yaletown Dental office in Vancouver offers variety of treatment options. The smile line can be corrected using laser, cosmetic surgery and restorative works.The results can be achieved in about an hour

Laser correction of gummy smile

Using laser,the level of gum around each tooth can be raised to make the teeth longer and to reduce the height of gum. The procedure is quick, painless, conservative with no bleeding and no recovery time.

Botox Injection

Botox injection can reduce the muscle activity responsible for elevating upper lip.Once these muscles are targeted,the range of movement for upper lip is reduced resulting in showing less gum when you smile.


Veneers are thin custom made porcelains covering front surfaces of teeth. By using longer veneers on front teeth, the height of gem can be reduced.

Oral Surgery

The level of upper lip can be dropped by surgical approach. The base of upper lip from inside of mouth will be cut to allow lowering the upper lip to cover the gummy smile.